Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Is Hagel The Credible Conservative Candidate?"

Cyclone Conservatives has a great post titled "Is Hagel The Credible Conservative Candidate?"
There seems to be a lot of media discussion lately claiming that the GOP has not yet found a top tier conservative candidate to rally around yet.
So, there is definitely no ideal candidate out there...YET.

And so that brings into the equation Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska. If conservatives can be calmed about his dovish tendencies toward Iraq, then Hagel might be the most well-known conservative in the race.

Recently, the National Journal released their 2006 liberal/conservative scores for Senators and Congressmen. After taking into account votes based on economic, social, and foreign policy; a formula is created and the votes are plugged in.

The Result? Of the 2008 Presidential aspirants already in the race or names that are floated, Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska is the most conservative U.S. Senator. He just outflanks Brownback by a little bit.

Sure, Hagel bucks the President on foreign policy; but on most other issues, he totes the party line better than any of the other Senators in the race.

I, for one, would like to see Hagel get into the race. I've met Senator Hagel and heard him lecture at Iowa State in 2005. He's a very intelligent man who would bring a lot to the foreign policy debate and future of the party.
I hope Hagel makes a decision soon because he quite possibly could be the credible credentialed conservative candidate to watch.


Don said...

Thank you for your kind link! I will add a link to your site to my blog.

Best wishes,

Don McDowell, Cyclone Conservatives

JimEenright said...

Hagel could win votes from fiscal and social conservatives who want us to pull out of Iraq sooner rather than later. I personally hope he runs for president and loses so we won't have him as our senator here in Nebraska any longer. I think he is dead wrong on Iraq, the big issue of our day.

Anonymous said...

i want to vote for a conservative. and i want to vote anti-war. Other than Ron Paul, Hagel is my only hope.