Saturday, March 03, 2007

Press release on the National Guard

Chuck Hagel's Senate office released this press release Thursday:
Hagel Statement on Congressional Commission on National Guard and Reserve’s Report that 90 Percent of Army National Guard Units are rated “not ready”

March 1st, 2007 -
WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) released the following statement today regarding a report published by the Congressional Commission on the National Guard and Reserve’s Report that concluded 90 percent of Army National Guard Units are rated “not ready.” The report details the Guard’s struggles with equipment, recruitment and retention, training and funding. The Commission estimates that the National Guard would require $38 billion for equipment to restore domestic Army and Air units to full readiness:

“This report serves as a clear indication of the damage we have done to the National Guard over the last four years. As I have said, we are stretching the National Guard beyond the breaking point. It is unacceptable to ask the National Guard to take on missions for which we have not prepared or equipped them. The report’s recommendations should be seriously considered and the Administration and Congress must act now to fix these problems,” Hagel said.


Reid said...

I have proposed, and would welcome Senator Hagel's consideration, of a bill to prohibit the deployment of National Guard units outside the territory of the United States without a Congressional Declaration of War or other specific Congressional authorization. National guardsmen do not sign up to fight foreign wars, and that is not what we have formed these military units to do.

allen said...

The National Guard is a militia and should only be called to service in an emergency. The call-ups for those emergencies should only be delegated to either the Governors in the case of state emergencies, or by the Congress in the case of national emergencies. That power should not go to the president alone - no matter what his party.

Regardless of what happens in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is a distinct possibility that al Quaeda or a wanna-be group will conduct another terrorist attack in an American state or territory. That could happen if we stay in Iraq or if we leave. It could happen under President Bush or under his successor regardless of political party. America should rebuild the Guard for missions that reflect that threat.

Where does that leave the Regular Army? I have considerable confidence that there are many clever Captains and Iron Majors currently in the ranks that will rally behind the right solution to rebuild.

To quote a damn fine Army Officer (regular Army), the National Guard should only be mobilized for "fate of the nation" circumstances.