Thursday, March 01, 2007

Your reasons for a Hagel Presidency (Part 8)

Josh (from Kansas City, MO) has given his answer to our question: "Why do you want Chuck Hagel to be our next President?"
Chuck Hagel represents the utopian Republican right now. He's firm on Repubican morals, and accountability, but he's also willing to hold firm to his beliefs that America can do better in the area of Foreign Policy. No one is satisfied with the current situation in Iraq. What happened in the past is past. Chuck Hagel looks to the future. Instead of the typical Congressman's response of "If we knew then what we know now," Chuck has come up with a viable workable, and more importantly a bi-partisan solution. What more could you ask for? He's a great choice, because he truly represents Republican values, and is a viable option for those moderate Republicans and Independents that aren't yet willing to concede the White House to the Democrats. I hope that Chuck decides to run, if so it's going to be up to us to help him out, and I'm willing to take that step.
Thanks, Josh!


Jeff said...

Chuck Hagel thinks that most Americans are disenchanted with the major political parties. That's why he seems to favor Unity '08. That's a plan by a bipartisan group of political operatives to draft a bipartisan presidential ticket on the Internet and offer voters an alternative to the Democratic and Republican candidates next year. "I think it's a very intriguing enterprise," Hagel said. No doubt about it! Increased voter apathy, decreased voter turn out, and annual decreases in actual numbers of people voting has left both major parties weakened. All of us, along with the candidates themselves are less dependant than ever on their party. Perhaps the primaries will have less meaning than ever despite the entrenched state party efforts to move up their election. Unity'08, a truly bipartisan group, having a presidential ticket take life on the Internet are all huge eye opening ideas. In fact, they're the opposite of disenchantment. "If I decide to get into this, I would run not just to make a statement." He already has.


Phil Simone said...

As a moderate Republican, I strongly support Chuck Hagel in 2008. Our party will suffer a huge moral loss if someone like Mayor Guilani is selected, someone who favors the destruction of unborn babies and our foolish war in Iraq. We can do better. And his name is Senator Chuck Hagel, the Republican hero of 2007!

Anonymous said...

I support Chuck Hagel because he has never voted for a tax increase.