Monday, March 12, 2007

What we can do while we wait

Chuck Hagel announced today that he is going to focus on the important issues of today rather than focus on a campaign right now. We commend him for that. He left open the possibility of running for President in 2008 and we want to see that happen.

The grassroots effort to support Chuck Hagel is already underway and we invite you to join it (or to become more active). Here are some ways we can work to support Chuck Hagel now.

One of the key things that must be done is networking. A grassroots movement is being built and it needs to grow. To further that, fill out the form on the right hand side of this page. To get involved join one of the many Chuck Hagel for President groups (listed at the right side of the page - some at Yahoo, Google, Myspace, and Facebook). Also, visit DraftHagel08 and sign the petition.

Fundraising is critical, so donating money certainly helps. Two ways to do this are to donate to his PAC, and/or to his Senate campaign. Any money in his Senate campaign can be transferred to a Presidential campaign.

A key element is simply spreading the word. Talk to people about Chuck Hagel and discuss why he will make a great President. Also, share your reasons for supporting Chuck Hagel here; we'd love to hear why you like Senator Hagel. You'd be amazed at how much impact just talking to people has.

Also, buy merchandise and get his name and the idea of him running for President into people's heads. At this point getting people to think about the possibility is critical. Also, getting those people that are likely to volunteer on a campaign or donate money to think about Hagel for President is important, as they are more likely to be thinking about it earlier than your average voter.

Another thing that people can do is drive the Internet Buzz surrounding Chuck Hagel. There are numerous ways to do this. Everyone can vote for Chuck Hagel in online polls. Also, everyone can comment on blogs, expressing their support for Senator Hagel. If you have a website or blog, add a banner or a link to this site ( and others that support Chuck Hagel. If you have a blog, post about Chuck Hagel.

If anyone has other ideas, please share them.


Anonymous said...

Hagel is one person I will never vote for, no matter what! I'll hold my nose and vote for most every other Republican candidate because I believe in the party, at least the conservative side of it. But I will not, nor ever will vote for someone who abandons our President to join our political foes. That's simply the way it is...

Anonymous said...

I, however, WILL vote for Hagel. As an independent voter sick of the right-wing lunacy that has all but devoured the Republican party and tired of the confusion and ineffectualness of the Democrats - Hagel seems to me the kind of Republican the country needs right now - a MODERATE Republican. Hallelujah!

Anonymous said...

I not only will vote for Hagel, I will do everything I can to convince others that he is the right man for the job at hand. It's time to put ideologies aside and start fixing our problems. Chuck Hagel is a problem solver.

People who keep electing public officials based on their religious ideology or their party loyalty instead of their problem solving abilities do us all a disservice.