Monday, March 26, 2007

Video of Senator Hagel on This Week

Check out the video of Chuck Hagel on ABC's This Week from yesterday.


ericpaddon said...

David Limbaugh offers an eloquent denunciation of the Senator's Constitutionally illiterate remarks on this program.

Redneck Texan said...

Where's your post about his Impeachment blurb?

Which Party's nomination did you say he's shooting for?

ericpaddon said...

Inquiring minds do want to know why Hagel's incredible assertion that the President should be impeached, which has earned him considerable media airtime from the left-wing press, is not being addressed on a blog devoted to touting the alleged virtues of him being President.

Charlie said...

Hagel did NOT say that the President should be impeached, but that given his disregard of Congress it would not be surprising if there will be calls for his impeachment. It is a prediction on Hagel's part, not a suggestion.

I believe the matter was addressed a while ago when he first made the comment in an interview, but frankly it's not major news (or shouldn't be).