Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chuck Hagel in GQ

Check out Wil Hylton's interview of Chuck Hagel in March's GQ Magazine. Here is his introduction to the interview:
Chuck Hagel came home from Vietnam in 1968 with shrapnel in his chest, scars on his face, and an unyielding certainty that the freedom of men is theirs alone to win. As an infantryman, he had not bombed from above or commanded from behind; he had stood knee-deep in the muck, face-to-face with the enemy, firing on men and watching them die. It’s a hard memory to leave behind. Even after four decades and a lifetime of change—a fortune earned in the investment-banking business; a decade as a senator from Nebraska; and a position as one of the GOP’s conservative torchbearers with a shot at the White House—Hagel has put everything on the line to oppose the war in Iraq, refusing to send a “surge” of new troops into battle, or to forget the lessons he brought home from the killing fields long ago.
The interview focuses on the war in Iraq, but touches on other issues, such as gay marriage, the war on drugs, flag burning, and civility in politics.


Anonymous said...

As an avid watcher of American media, I want to thank you for looking out for my welfare. Your emphatic opposition to the US Military mission in Iraq gives me great comfort that you will no longer tolerate putting my friends and family in harms way. The unbelievable courage you have displayed by passing your non-binding resolution, gives me hope that you understand the plight of all freedom fighters around the globe. Keep up the good work by continuing to give aid and comfort to a hurting people and we know that with your vocal, strong principled position, you will not relent. Your voices, so clear, so loud, give us hope that the day will soon come when we will celebrate victory in the streets, and then the world.

Sincerely, Mr. Al Queda, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this interview and appreciate the fresh perspective of a candidate who has been at war before. It is also an honest account of issues facings America and the world, and sheds much needed light on the extent of mis-information that has led to decrease in our constitutional liberties and our image arround the globe.

I'm a middle eastern/US citizen who have seen the devastation of war and have experienced lack of liberty and freedom first hand. My house has been raided through the night by the so-called revolutionaries that had only one view of what was right (much like President Bush's team) and were looking for smallest reason to imprison us. I am proud and very fortunate to live in the US and to call myself an American. However, as Senator Hagle bravely and correctly pointed out in the interview, war is not answer to what the region needs. We need diplomacy and economic stimulation so that the jihadists don't get recruited by radicals while they are in desperate socio-economic needs. Above all, we need to preserve liberties so eloquently placed in the constitution. Did you know our founding fathers were required to study Cyrus the great, the ruler of Persia? Find out why below:


Best of luck for Sen. Hagel, please keep up the good work.