Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A couple of articles to share

At one point in time I had to look to find something to post everyday. That is no longer a problem for me.

Talking Old School GOP at (thanks to Andy for sending me the article); here is an excerpt:

Hagel, more than any other viable candidate for president, is acutely aware of the dangers posed by our present policy of relentless, ever escalating war in the Middle East. At such times, if we are lucky, men of his caliber arise to save the nation from the folly of its leaders.

The nation sorely needs new leadership, and who can dispute that the GOP is dying for lack of it? The neocons have nearly destroyed the good name of conservatism in pursuit of a revolutionary "Jacobin" policy, both at home and abroad. The conventional wisdom has it that the GOP rank-and-file will never countenance Hagel's fierce criticism of the president and the war, but the reality is that he is giving voice to their fears of political extinction and their dawning realization that the war was a hoax and a fool's errand from the beginning.

Hagel – in your heart, you know he's right. Now there's a catchy campaign slogan if I ever heard one. Perhaps it will work a lot better the second time around.

The Old Right is back, and in Hagel it has, perhaps, found a formidable and eminently electable candidate. Which means that the smear brigade should be going into high gear pretty soon – I'd give them a week or so. Get ready for the unfounded allegations, the accusations of "racism" or some other forbidden "ism," and of course we'll have the obligatory effort to throw doubt on his war record.

And here is an (excerpt from an) editorial piece entitled "Queasy From Politics? Consider Chuck" (thanks to Chas for sending it my way):
There's only one potential candidate I've seen from my party's field that's willing to discuss terror and foreign policy as real issues rather than empty talking points-and he's a staunch fiscal conservative with a record to appease the family values crowd, despite not caring if states allow civil unions for gay people.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. Consider Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska. He's been speaking out against the administration's conduct in the Iraq war since it rolled into Baghdad, and he should be our next president. For a long time, he was a black sheep in the Republican Party, despite the fact that he was the senator that most stringently toed the White House's line on issues like tax cuts in 2006. He was ostracized by Dick Cheney and largely ignored by the media.

Ignored until now, that is.

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