Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Poll in four early primary states

The American Research Group has conducted polls in four early primary states on the 2008 Presidential primary race. It is encouraging to see Chuck Hagel polling so well in Iowa, clearly ahead of the third tier candidates. The results are as follows (copied from The Next Prez):

Republicans IA NH SC NV
McCain 26 29 35 25
Giuliani 28 25 28 31
Gingrich 18 14 15 22
Romney 6 9 5 4
Hagel 6 2 - -
Huckabee 1 1 1 -
Pataki - 2 - -
Brownback 1 - - -
Gilmore - 1 - -
Hunter - - - -
Thompson - - - -
Undecided 14 17 16 18


\\wbw said...

Notice RINO Hagel doesn't have a chance in SC. Maybe he should run on the Democratic ticket. He's an embarrassment to the Republican Party and I would like to see him retired from the Senate like former Senator DeWine.

Charlie said...

Senator Hagel has not been introduced to the people of South Carolina. He has visited Iowa and New Hampshire in the last year, but not SC, hence why his numbers are higher there than here in SC.

Personally, I'd rather not see Chuck Hagel replaced by a Democrat in the Senate, as was the case with Mike DeWine's "retirement".

Lastly, Chuck Hagel is no RINO. He has a strong and consistent record of voting with President Bush. He is clearly a conservative when it comes to social, fiscal, and economic policy. He does disagree strongly with the President on Iraq, but he does so from a traditionally conservative point of view.

\\wbw said...

He can visit SC all he wants - he doesn't stand a chance. YOUR RINO Senator should save his campaign finances and not even bother visiting SC.

Personally - I don't mind loosing the RINOs from our party. It was the antics of Senators Hagel, McCain, Graham, DeWine, and others, (band of 14) that marked the beginning of the end of Republican majorities.

Conservatives have had enough with the Republican Party and if the Party doesn't learn from 2006 it will only get worse.

\\wbw said...

oh... by the way... Senator McCain doesn't stand a chance in SC either. A lot of people are taking his PAC money but they aren't on board.

McCain, willing to pay twice his competition, can't even completely staff his campaign in the state.

Charlie said...

Senator Hagel was NOT a part of the Gang of 14.

jeff said...

Gang of 14? That doesnt make you a RINO. But siding with the democrats cut and runs does make you a RINO, mr hagel.
If Hagel wants the mantle to the republican party , he nneds to learn from who that mantle comes from, Ronald Reagan, whose 11th commandment said thou shalt not attack fellow republicans....Guess hagel missed that , since he attacks republican Bush everyday.