Friday, January 19, 2007

New polling data from multiple states

There is new polling data out from a number of states, and much of it is quite encouraging with regard to Senator Hagel. The charts are from Race 4 2008.

McCain 31%
Giuliani 18%
Gingrich 14%
Brownback 5%
Hagel 3%
Romney 2%
Thompson 2%
Huckabee 1%
Gilmore, Hunter, Pataki 0%
Undecided 24%

Giuliani 30%
Gingrich 16%
McCain 15%
Romney 2%
Hagel 2%
Brownback 1%
Huckabee 1%
Pataki 1%
Gilmore, Hunter, Thompson 0%
Undecided 32%

Giuliani 35%
McCain 25%
Hagel 4%
Brownback 2%
Romney 1%
Gilmore 1%
Huckabee 1%
Hunter, Pataki, Thompson 0%
Undecided 21%

Giuliani 33%
McCain 24%
Romney 12%
Gingrich 8%
Brownback 4%
Thompson 4%
Hagel 3%
Hunter 1%
Gilmore, Huckabee, Pataki 0%
Undecided 11%

New Mexico
Giuliani 38%
McCain 20%
Gingrich 9%
Romney 7%
Hagel 6%
Brownback 4%
Pataki 1%
Gilmore, Huckabee, Hunter, Thompson 0%
Undecided 15%

Giuliani 33%
Gingrich 19%
McCain 18%
Hagel 5%
Romney 3%
Hunter 1%
Brownback, Gilmore, Huckabee, Pataki, Thompson 0%
Undecided 22%

North Carolina
Giuliani 34%
McCain 26%
Gingrich 11%
Huckabee 4%
Romney 2%
Hagel 2%
Gilmore 1%
Brownback, Hunter, Pataki, Thompson 0%
Undecided 19%

He pops up in 3rd or 4th in a couple states, and that's great news. It's also interesting to see how well he is doing in comparison to Romney who has been VERY active as of late.


\\wbw said...

I notice you don't include SC. I guess you don't dare - that wouldn't help you make your case.

I am not sure the Senator from Nebraska lives in a world based on reality. Maybe he thinks he can ignore SC - but in the real world - he can't. HE DOESN'T STAND A CHANCE!

Save your money - stay home and see if you can be re-elected to the Senate.

Jim from Bainbridge, NY said...

I understand your opposition and respect your intellect. Please respond, A. Do you favor Victory in Iraq or withdrawl with less than victory ? B. Do you think America "can't" win militarally? C. The Republicans Repeat the phrase " Cut and Run". How does your plan refute that label ? Thank you, Jim, Bainbridge, NY.

Charlie said...

In response to the first comment: I run this blog and I live in South Carolina. It just happens that this set of polls did not include a poll for SC, and that was why it was not included (it did not exist), not because I didn't like it.