Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Good news from an Iowa poll

Strategic Vision conducted a three day poll that is certainly worth noting.

Below are the results of a three-day poll in the state of Iowa. Results are based on telephone interviews with 600 likely Republican cacus goers and 600 likely Democratic cacus goers, aged 18+, and conducted January 19-21, 2007. The margin of sampling error is ±4 percentage points.

1. If the 2008 Republican presidential caucus were held today between, Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Chuck Hagel, Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter, John McCain, George Pataki, Mitt Romney, Tom Tancredo, and Tommy Thompson for whom would you vote? (Republicans Only; Names Rotated)
Rudy Giuliani 25%
John McCain 21%
Newt Gingrich 13%
Mitt Romney 8%
Chuck Hagel 7%
Tommy Thompson 2%
Tom Tancredo 2%
Sam Brownback 2%
Mike Huckabee 1%
George Pataki 1%
Jim Gilmore 1%
Duncan Hunter 1%
Undecided 16%

Chuck Hagel has been moving up in the polls in Iowa in the last month or two. That is good news for draft Hagel movement. A strong 5th place finish (and with no organization on the ground), just 1% behind Romney, and with a large gap ahead of the 6th place person is excellent at this stage.


Jim said...

Wow this is reassuring. I always new Iowa had smart people in it. 7% is really good, and probabaly representative of conservative party member support nationwide as well. But we've got to get Chuck's support up into the double digits by spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this looks good, especially since this past week has seen some nice coverage of Hagel which might be improving his standing even further. Write Senator Hagel and tell him that he's got to run!