Thursday, January 18, 2007

More Bloggers for Hagel

Two more blogs have officially announced their support for Chuck Hagel in 2008.

Ewan Watt has it right again. Chuck Hagel in 2008 should be the most obvious choice for conservatives since the Gipper in 1980.

While Senator Hagel has certainly made waves
in recent days by challenging the neoconservative foreign policy establishment, most Americans forget that the senior Senator from Nebraska is as solid on his domestic policy as his foreign policy. Just last year for example, the American Conservative Union rated Senator Hagel's voting record for 2005 96%--comparing favorably to a lifetime rating of 86%.

Given his solid credentials though, Senator Hagel will find the 2008 race an uphill climb as he faces off against two of the most recognized politicians in the U.S.--Rudy Guiliani and John McCain. We here at CopyWrite hope that Americans take note of Senator Hagel's recent efforts to salvage what's left of the war on terror and give him a chance to articulate his vision for the U.S. over the next two years.

Good luck Senator Hagel. Know that the CopyWrite Empire is firmly behind you.


Ewan Watt said...

Anything to help out!

Edward Nashton said...

You're a gentlemen sir--thanks very much for the shout-out.