Friday, January 26, 2007

Washington Post: Hagel Ponders White House Run

Our grassroots movement got a mention in today's Washington Post! Check out the (front page) article, "Hagel Ponders White House Run As War Criticism Raises His Profile" on the Post's site. Chuck Hagel has been thinking about running for President for a few years now, but as their article indicates, he may have a greater shot at it given the events of the last couple of months. Here are some excerpts from the article:

Hagel said in a wide-ranging interview this week that he is discussing his options with his family and other confidants and will make a decision in the next six weeks.

He said one possibility is forming a presidential exploratory committee and -- despite his outcast position within his party -- seeking the Republican nomination. Or he may seek a third Senate term. Then again, he might take a more creative path.
An Internet "draft Hagel" movement has formed, and even die-hard liberals admit they find him appealing.

Earlier in their careers, McCain, 70, and Hagel, 60, were viewed as rising Republican stars, two plain-spoken outsiders with gritty military résumés. After losing to Bush in the 2000 GOP nomination battle, McCain greatly enhanced his stature inside the party by embracing Bush's Iraq policy. Meanwhile, Hagel, an early and persistent critic of the invasion, grew more estranged.

"He's held his view for a long time and I've held mine for a long time, so it's not as if we suddenly find ourselves on the opposite side of the issue," McCain said of Hagel. "I respect his views. I maintain my strong affection and respect for him."

Hagel warned against military action long before the Iraq invasion, but despite his trepidations, he supported a Senate resolution authorizing the war. He has since renounced his vote and has been trying to atone for it ever since.
Be sure to check out the full article. I also liked the part about his 8th grade son recently introducing him to YouTube.


mw said...

I found this bit interesting:
"Hagel joked during the interview about teaming up with New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, a moderate Republican, and also floated the possibility of joining a bipartisan unity ticket with a Democrat -- with his name first, of course"

I wonder if he is seriously considering getting on board with the Unity08 guys. I've been pretty negative about them in the past. Might have to rethink that if he goes after that nomination. It is one way to overcome the hurdle of the ragged right right of the Republican party.

Greenbox said...

Thank you Senator Hagel.

Andrew said...

I am predisposed to like a guy that can diverge from his party on principle. I have looked at his voting record though. Sen. Hagel seems to tow the perty line on some pretty bad policy that has done a lot of damage to the average American over the past six years. Before I could vote for him he would need to come clean on a number of issues other than Iraq.

Jonathan said...

Run, Hagel, run!!

A true conservative Republican said...

Chuck Hagel is a war hero, patriot and REAL Republican. He our best hope of defeating Hillary Clinton and will bring back most of those independents and sensible Democrat voter support that McCain has lost since aligining himself with the warmongers.