Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Fix - The Case for Chuck Hagel

The Fix, a blog by Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post, today gives "The Case for Chuck Hagel." This is a MUST READ.


Granny Miller said...

I read the piece and thought it was fair.
Mainstream Republican pundits might want to double up on their blood pressure meds today and tommorow.

I think they are starting to realize that Senator Hagel will be able to pull Democrats as well as disenchanted Republicans into his camp.

revmark said...

The American people in 2008 will elect a Democratic president unless we Republicans choose a voice who can lead us out of the mess these so called neoconservatives have gotten our party into.

U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska) has shown himself to be a courageous voice and a prophetic voice for America at this point in our history.

Chuck Hagel is a senator who has written another chapter in the ongoing work of the Senate's profiles in courage. He is our only hope next year to win the presidency.

Senator Hagel is a visionary on the future of American involvement in Iraq. McCain is dead wrong and a lot of courageous young and not so young Americans are dying this day because of our foreign policy errors.

Senator Chuck Hagel is correct about the future of the Iraqi war and occupation, about Karl Rove, about where the Republican Party needs to go in the future.

We are the party of Lincoln and Garfield and by God we better start acting like it. God gave Republicans a wake up call in let's WAKE UP.

God bless Chuck Hagel. I pray he announces his candidacy for president soon.

Run Chuck RUN!

Rev. Mark J. Powell

Phil Smith said...

Yes - a good article. I agree with the author's assessment.

Ron said...

Yes Chuck is the only choice for conservatives like me that know we need a change of course, but can't stand the thought of another 4-8 years of the Clintons. God help us if that happens. We need good old fashioned conservative leadership now more than ever.