Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hagel for President in the News Again

Our grassroots efforts have made the news again, this time in the New York Sun.


Anonymous said...

The fact that you admit to having voted for John Kerry (a man who referred to American troops, presumably Chuck Hagel included, in Vietnam as being an army of murderers and rapists)tells me where you are coming from.

Charlie said...

The only thing that says is that I am very displeased with President Bush's foreign policy.

I started this blog because I want the chance to vote for a conservative Republican who has what I believe to be the best sense of what U.S. foriegn policy should be.

jg51 said...

If you want your country back and you want a conservative to lead and get us out of Iraq, make America safer, protect our borders and rebuild our relationships around the world then there is only one guy to vote for. Chuck Hagel!!!

Anonymous said...

Pro-life. Anti-war. Hagel has my vote.

Redneck Texan said...

I need more info on Hagel before I could vote for him.

I see that he voted for the authorization to use force in Iraq. If we withdraw as Mr. Hagel suggests we should, and that led to total anarchy and genocide in Iraq, would Chuck stand up like a man and take any blame for the carnage that results, or would he point the finger at Bush and the Iraqis?

Also, where does he stand on Iran? Would he support an attack on Iran's Nuclear facilities to keep the bomb out of their hands? Would he support an excursion into Nuclear armed Pakistan to get the remnants of AQ and the Taliban?

Its easy to be "against the war" and call for withdrawal from Iraq, especially if that will get you some votes, but does he ever say how he would better utilize the US Military in the war on terror, or is he like Murtha and wants to keep them safely out of the battle?

Does he have a better freakin plan, or is he just hoping to rude the crest of anti-war sentiment to power?

Charlie said...

Chuck Hagel has been consistently engaged in the dialogue on Iraq since 2002, before the war began. His views are not opportunistic, they are deeply held and sincere and can be traced back for years. There are a number of his speeches and articles about his views on Iraq and foreign policy on this site, so please feel free to explore the archives and learn more.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Hagel has done nothing but politicize this war for his own political gain, period. If he didnt have White House aspirations we would see a totally different response out of this wolf in sheeps clothing. He would never ever get my vote and Im from Nebraska and registered republican

Jim said...

Maybe he can get the nomination if he runs as a Democrat but we don't need any more RINOs.

Charlie said...

When will people get the fact that Senator Hagel is no RINO. He is against the current plan in Iraq because he is a CONSERVATIVE with respect to foreign policy, not a liberal, for many of the same reasons that the CATO institute is against it.

On domestic policy Chuck Hagel is clearly in line with the Republican party and had the highest party unity score for last year according to Congressional Quarterly.

nicrivera said...


I read the New York Sun article that you linked to in this post.

I'm curious as to how you will vote if Hagel doesn't win the Republican Party nomination. You're quoted in the article as being a social conservative, pro-life, and a lifelong Republican. Nonetheless, you voted for John Kerry in 2004 (due to your aversion to Bush's foreign policy) and have left open the possibility that you may vote for a Democrat in 2008 as well.

Would you consider voting Libertarian in 2008? I realize that, being a social conservative, you might not agree with Libertarians on social issues, but then I assume that you didn't agree with John Kerry on social issues either.

Should the Republicans nominate a pro-war candidate (i.e. McCain, Giuliani) and the Democrats nominate a candidate whose views on the war are ambiguous (i.e. Clinton), I'm hoping that Republican and Democratic opponents of the war will consider voting Libertarian.

I think supporting Hagel for the primary sends a message that Americans are fed up with this war, but once the primaries are over and McCain and Clinton are coronated by their respective parties, I think nothing would send a clearer message than voting Libertarian.

Speaking of Libertarians, there's word that Ron Paul has formed an exploratory committee to run for president (though he has even less chance of winning the primary than Hagel). Like Hagel, he's pro-life & anti-war. Would you consider voting for him?

Also, the "Chuck Hagel is a RINO" comments are hillarious. It's funny how Republicans have pissing contests over who's the most "conservative" and then go on to vote for George W. Bush, who has spent federal dollars at a quicker rate than any president since Lyndon Johnson.